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Very interesting and important, it lays the foundation for youre website.

this application gives you and the customer a visual representation of there future website!






In real life you have to control the way you interact with people. When you don’t one can lose business relationships  because you give off the wrong impression.

The same goes for the online world, follow these tips and you can prevent that !


Five reasons on why online portfolios are better then resumes!

  1. It is online so that is more exposure for you and your business.
  2. This is visual proof of your talent/product.
  3. In this day in time everything is online so an online is portfolio more accepted then a resume depending o the job.
  4. An online portfolio can be made more interactive then a resume .
  5. you can add social media links which makes it much easier to get to know you.




 The first step of this system is to analyze your strengths. Why you may ask ? Now one can see where they stand and start analyzing the things they cant do.


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Second step is to realize our weaknesses. This to me is the most important and hardest step. It is very hard to self analyze and say there is something i’m not doing right.

Once overcome then true growing can commence.



By using the information from the previous steps you can create a plan to better yourself. Now that your judgement is not clouded you can truly grow your skills



One must be aware of the possible threats or problems that can come at you while trying to grow. If you are able to predict threats that can possibly  happen then they can be easily stopped.


Copy Rights

Fair use, the four factors.

  1. Purpose and Character of the use:
    If it is used for good deeds, something that benefits humanity it will fall in this category.
    For example if it helps science, education, history, ect.
  2. Nature of copyrighted work :
    The judge will look at the content of the work. If the work is more informational it will be protected, but if it is more entertainment it will hold less weight.
  3. Amount of copyrighted work used:
    The amount of work and the quality of this plays a huge part as well.
  4. Effects of the use on the potential market
    If someone steals your product/idea the courts will weigh this factor out .
    If your business  was damaged or if your potential sales were effected .